Ciris Capital trains yacht brokers of Fraser Yachts

Ciris Capital held a special training day in Monaco and Fort Lauderdale for Fraser brokers from Europe and the United States. This all-day training was designed to help the brokers of Fraser Yachts feel more comfortable discussing yacht finance with their clients. The main focus was orientated around the complexities of the issue and how best to advise clients.

During the training, Remco Immink, Commercial Director of Ciris Capital, explained the market, the different types of products, the problems the brokers might have in getting yacht finance and how to solve them.

The training days were a great success and Hein Velema, Commercial Director of Fraser Yachts, was full of praise to Ciris Capital: β€œRemco and Hans have a tremendous amount of knowledge on the market and practical experience to match. The turbulence of the finance business, as new trends and parties come and go and the credit crunch bites deeper, gives Ciris Capital a priceless overall understanding that transcends time. In addition to yacht finance, they also know a great deal about clients, boats and shipyards.

Let's be honest, to many people yacht finance is so much 'abracadabra', they want to stay out of it. The fact that Ciris Capital understands the market and the way yachts are priced puts in a very strong position. Moreover, during the training Remco proved both the value of preparation and the ability to communicate. "Both are very important in his everyday work as the commercial person at Ciris Capital because educating clients is a crucial aspect.”



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