Claasen Shipyards acquired by Vitters and Claasen management

Vitters has today announced they have joined forces with fellow Dutch company Claasen Shipyards. Both yards will retain their brand identities whilst at a management level, Claasen and Vitters will make and assess decisions collaboratively. There will be close ties in project management, with the two yards working with the same suppliers/contractors in the Netherlands.

Claasen Shipyards has a fine team of people with considerable skills and experience, and we are delighted to welcome them as colleagues,” comments Louis Hamming, CEO of Vitters Shipyard. “The yard has built an impressive fleet over the years and the exceptional expertise of the Claasen craftsmen is completely in line with the identity of Vitters. Moreover, their rich knowledge and experience of building and engineering a J-Class yacht will be a major asset to Vitters.

Green Marine, residing in Southampton, U.K. is also member of the new group. Green Marine will still build hulls for third parties and will have the opportunity to be fitted out at both Claasen and Vitters. This is another opportunity for Vitters, Green and Claasen to benefit from each other’s markets and expertise.

Joining forces with Vitters Shipyard is a great chance for Claasen to grow further in the niche market in which we operate,” adds Joachim Kieft, CEO of Claasen Shipyards. “This development will make it possible for us to achieve our ambitious goals for the coming years.

Marketing activities will also be combined from hereon in, starting with a joint stand currently at the Boot Dusseldorf show 2016 which commenced this weekend and will draw to a close on 31st January.

By Gemma Fottles



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