Claydon Reeves unveils their first superyacht design, the 85m Remora

Claydon Reeves is a new, UK-based design consultancy specialising in creating distinctive, bespoke exterior designs for superyachts up to and over 100 metres.

Directors James Claydon and Mike Reeves share 15 years’ design experience during which they have worked for some of the world’s top superyacht consultancies. These include Redman Whiteley Dixon, Andrew Winch and Donald Starkey. While they continue to work on traditional yachts, both partners are keen to develop a more sculptural and architectural approach to exterior form and internal layouts.

Informed by a thorough grounding in transport design and an in-depth understanding of how things "work", Claydon Reeves translate their fascination of the designed world into elegant yacht exteriors with strong flowing lines. Although their passion is for pure and simple, they are not afraid to challenge the staid and ordinary by introducing automotive and sculptural design elements, creatively and intelligently fusing style with the fundamentally practical.

Claydon Reeves officially launched their new design company at the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show, specialising in yacht exterior design and layout planning. Centrepiece of the stand was their new 80 metre concept motoryacht Remora. This bold vessel embodies the Claydon Reeves exterior style from its narrow plumb bow, highly resolved, dynamic, taut surfaces and concave glass to its tapering stern.

The majority of modern superyacht designs tend to follow a proven formula of layouts, external shapes and detailing that dictate the internal volumes. Claydon Reeves have attempted to rethink the external aesthetic drawing inspiration from both naturally occurring forms and contemporary architecture. From the Gaudiesque Sundeck structure to the unconventional spatial layout it quickly becomes evident that this vessel strikes a bold new direction for large motoryacht design.

Not only a statement of style, the Remora is based on a highly developed package utilising a diesel electric propulsion system mated to a pair of azimuthing drive pods. The interior consists of vast architectural spaces including a double height main deck mezzanine, forward public areas and duplex guest suites. The Owner enjoys his own private deck aft of the bridge.

Form development is an integral design process at Claydon Reeves. Also on display at the show were two sculptural Hydroforms - distilled, simplified expressions to evaluate new design directions. The first is an ultra aggressive wave piercing design appropriate for a vessel of between 20 and 35 metres, the second a medium volume form for a motoryacht of between 45 and 75 metres.

Throughout the forms great emphasis is placed upon the interplay of concave and convex surfaces to create intriguing reflections and highlights.

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