Clearpoint Premium Edition makes a big splash at Cannes Boat Show

ClearPoint High Definition Weather™, the world’s most comprehensive and easy-to-use ultra high-resolution weather information service, is unveiling its ground-breaking global weather service for yacht owners and yacht crews, clubs, marinas, resorts and marine weather-watchers worldwide.

The innovative ClearPoint Premium Edition service is designed to change the way consumers engage with marine weather, anywhere on earth. This new service is on display at Espace Riviera at the Cannes International Yacht and Boat Show, September 12th -17th, 2007.

Unlike other weather services, ClearPoint tracks marine craft as they sail to show prevailing weather conditions at any location. ClearPoint is accessible via any conventional Internet, broadband, WiFi or satellite service. Accurate to the nearest kilometer, ClearPoint offers thousands of detailed weather combinations to anyone looking for highly accurate, continuous weather forecasts anywhere they travel. ClearPoint also features the world’s most advanced predictive technology, providing accurate weather information up to five days ahead, anywhere across the globe.



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