Closer look at Constellation Custom Tenders

Constellation Custom Tenders from Custom Yacht Outfitters are focused on three core aspects; safety, comfort and functionality. Offering three different models, the tenders range from 6 metres to 8.5 metres.

The RM 169R is a retro styled runabout currently powered by a jet turbine, hybrid-electric power pack ensuring exacting performance when desired, effortlessly affording water sport opportunities while commanding a distinct and bespoke demeanor.

The RM169U is uniquely designed to transport guests or serve as a crew and rescue boat without sacrificing the lines of a Constellation Custom Tender.

The RD121 is a modern icon of sophisticated appearance with enhanced classic lines offering interior lay out options precisely configured for owner limousine service or crew utility. A diesel or electric turbine is available in this design.

The tenders utilise a carbon fibre foam sandwich to reduce weight and increase performance, and several new designs have recently become available for new customers.

By Gemma Fottles



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