Closer look at new Reichel Pugh Nauta Baltic 130’

The new Reichel Pugh Nauta Baltic 130’ is Nauta Design’s largest sailing yacht ever designed, and the studio’s fourth collaboration with Baltic Yachts. With a design brief for a fast racing yacht, this new 130-foot carbon racer also offeres a high degree of comfort onboard, and even more space than the owner’s previous yacht, whom is already a Nauta client.

The yacht features a distinctive racing image with sharp lines, wide and open deck spaces and a low profile deckhouse. Nauta Yachts further designed her to be as lightweight as possible, while also focusing on achieving a well-insulated interior environment free from sound and vibration.

Her 40 metre length overall (LOA) carbon pre-preg hull has been designed using nine virtual CFD models to achieve the most efficient design possible. She boasts an impressive LOA/displacement ratio, where 102 tons are displaced in dry conditions by the 40m hull. The added high aspect ratio of her lifting fin keel, which ranges from 4.5m (14’9’’) to 7m (23’), means she will undoubtedly be able to live up to her performance criteria.

The VVP predicts a 16.5-knot speed on displacement and up to 26-28 knots planning. Many functional design cues add not only to the overall performance image but also makes her practical and efficient as a racer yacht and cruiser. The gunwales for instance, are one foot high by one foot wide and can be used as footholds when heeling or even as comfortable seating when at anchor, with the handrail acting as a backrest.

With state-of-the-art naval architecture by California-based Reichel Pugh Naval Architecture, and high-tech lightweight construction by Baltic Yachts, she is due for delivery in June 2016.

By Charl van Rooy



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