Closer look at Wolz Nautic's innovative prefabricated decks

Sunlight, rain and salt water are just some of the many trials a superyacht and her components will be perpetually exposed to. When it comes to strength, endurance and beauty, teak decks are amongst some of the most exquisite elements to be found onboard many superyachts.

Wolz Nautic started working in the field of superyachts at the beginning of 2009”, states Martin Rückert, Sales and Marketing Manager of Wolz Nautic. Today, the company's success is still based upon the core values of motivation, mutual respect and openness to new directions and developments.

As we started working in this business the question raised from one of our north German clients "What are your possibilities in saving weight". This was a hit in the bullseye and exactly the perfect start showing the power and innovation of Wolz Nautic having the philosophy in mind not only delivering a prefabricated teak-deck but also a system solution with a 3D leveling underneath. Decks are measured with millimeter-precise 3D laser trackers, comprising all necessary data to adequately and accurately starts producing the prefabricated deck. Not only does this method obtain a perfect contour profile and flow, absolute essentials for the production and installation process, it also assures the ability to identically reproduce any component, whenever needed. In short, laser tracking offers a variety of convincing benefits, ranging from accuracy to cost-efficiency and beyond.

Collaborating with the biggest and most exclusive yacht builders in Europe, with 100 employees annually processing approximately 1,000,000 meters of teak boards for 3,000 vessels, totalling to around 20,000 square meters of manufactured decks, the company philosophy has proven to be highly successful. “After a huge success making the leveling with our 3D cork solution,“ says Rückert, “we had a lot of requests regarding this topic. Because, it is a quiet simple way of saving approx. 2 - 3 tons on a 80 m project plus high noise reduction results with this system.”

"All decks traditionally consist of a variety of different layers, however Wolz Nautic has reinvented this concept, fine-tuning techniques, replacing traditional materials and streamlining the entire process.”

Atop a vessel's superstructure material, a leveling layer is manufactured by applying laser measurement data and producing a first layer of cork. This results in a smooth deck surface that will even out any discrepancies on the yacht's hull structure material, such as glass-fibre, wood, aluminium or steel. Layers of cork and substrate HPL finalise the smooth basis, on which the prefabricated teak deck can then be placed. “We start with the 3 D measuring of the surface on-board (steel, aluminium etc.). After the surface analysis and the mathematical optimization of the 3D leveling we start the milling process of the cork panels in our 5 axle CNC machine".

"With special positioning points we glue the 3D cork-leveling directly on the back-side of our prefabricated teak panels, so that we have at the end only one installation anymore on-board by means that leveling and teakdeck is 1 working procedure on-board. This allows our clients to safe time and money, because, the time of Wolz Nautic on-board is as minimal as possible."

"Our cork has a density of approx. 0.35 kg/mm/sqm, a compound or filler solution has a density of approx. 0.7 - 1 kg/mm/sqm, so, at the end the biggest advantage is, that we safe approx. 50% weight instead of a normal filler or compound solution, plus high noise reduction results.”

With a large production facility, even the most unconventional client requests can be met quickly, efficiently, professionally and proactively.

As Wolz Nautic continues to redefine standards and set new benchmarks, develop new techniques and tackle current issues such as sustainability and environmental friendliness, one of this third-generation company's most treasured principles is still eloquently up-to-date: “Take on challenges and assume responsibility”.

Aside from teak, Wolz Nautic offers decks produced with the synthetic material Wolzynteek. Thickness, colour and grain size for the final polishing can be individually selected according to the client's taste. Whichever material used, in-house material checks by Wolz Nautic's own professionals subject permanent, on-going quality controls on all key materials during the entire production process of every project. And not just for superyachts, as Rückert points out: “Our main-business is basically flooring on areas which has high demands on quality and special technologies.”

Prefabricated Wolz Nautic decks are all about a successfully standardised and semi-automated manufacturing process, excellent quality, the highest level of manufacturability and state-of-the-art technology, with warranted guarantee-periods generously exceeding legal requirements.

Combining the latest technologies with extensive knowledge and a first-class wood-working tradition spanning several generations, all Wolz Nautic projects meet the highest quality standards and combine them with a variety of additional advantages, such as maximally reduced weight and low impact-noise. And it doesn't stop at the delivery of the decks, as after-sales is equally as important to Wolz Nautic. “After-sales is very important. When we finish a New-build or Refit project, we are doing 1 day crew training in showing them the most easiest way in cleaning decks. And we follow them over years to avoid mistakes in the cleaning process, because, it is so easy having a clean and smooth deck, but, with a huge market of chemical cleaners you can do so much wrong!

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By Jochem Kaan



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