CMC Marine presents new electric fin stabilizer

CMC Marine will, in addition to presenting the complete range of their products, also exhibit the Stabilis Electra 16BR, the new model of electric actuator fin stabilizer. The 16BR joins the 18BR model, presented last year and already installed on several vessels built by leading Italian yards.

The company headed by eng. Alessandro Cappiello is at the Genoa Boat Show with a smaller model 16BR, model, patented internationally. The 18BR have been installed on boats from 20 to 30 metres such as the Sanlorenzo 82 or the Benetti 92 Delfino, substituting the traditional hydraulic system.

The new 16BR model will be applied to smaller vessels where the hydraulic systems, for their size and power absorption, can not be installed.

The 16BR reduced dimensions combined with the excellent performances already demonstrated by bigger model make it ideal for application to boats between 16 and 20 meters.

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