Connecting the superyacht industry with M2MBlue

Written by Georgia Tindale

A young company which already boasts a well-established reputation, the Dutch global connectivity specialists, M2MBlue have expanded their reach into the superyacht market. Offering high volume data transfer, M2M Multichannel platforms for sim cards and more, M2MBlue understand the needs of the modern, tech-savvy superyacht market, providing superyachts with fast and stable internet connectivity wherever they are in the world.

M2M Blue Tech Demo Founded in 2015 and awarded a full MNVO licence shortly afterwards, M2MBlue began its journey through the provision of cross-border (mobile and GSM) data connections in the machine-to-machine (M2M) market. Recently expanding their reach, the company now offer data connections to customers with high volume needs across numerous markets, including the cruise, broadcast and superyacht industries.

Working closely with numerous companies in the superyacht industry, M2MBlue identified a need for their services when companies created an expansion of intelligence in high volume data transfer, alongside the acquisition of licenses in the field of IoT platforms: a vital basis for further growth with their new customers. To meet this need, M2MBlue provide stabilised, high-volume connectivity through their distinctive equipment, knowledge and focus.

M2M Blue Tech Map Demo

M2MBlue have created numerous, bespoke solutions to manage the high-volume data transfer associated with the industry; from smart sensoringplatforms, to smart hardware, to multi-channel platforms. These products are based on smart and hybrid roaming and are suitable for both national and international markets. By combining very large volumes, M2MBlue aim to considerably reduce costs for their clients, providing lucrative, cross-border data options and full support.

M2M Blue Sim Card

In addition, their smart sensoring platforms are built in combination with cross-border data connections and are highly applicable to the maritime market, providing real-time, highly accurate readings of onboard systems. M2MBlue visualises all your data, connectors, APIs or projects in real-time and on a global scale.

To manage the connectivity from many major mobile network operators with their associated varying portals, M2MBlue also offer a convenient single M2MBlue Multi Channel platform. By integrating their clients’ existing SIMs, M2MBlue provide better purchasing conditions for future connections. For optimal ease of operation when on board, the platform manages and controls all of these connections under a single invoice.

Christian Westers, CEO of M2MBlue

As is vital in the modern age, M2MBlue view data security as a top priority. All of the company’s connectivity solutions are highly validated in their security, continuity and connectivity, with 24/7 support offered from its control centre, and all guaranteed connections running through their secured data centre.

Christian Westers, the CEO of M2MBlue, had this to say on the company: "For a solid, safe and guaranteed end-to-end mobile connection, M2MBlue is the global connectivity specialist. We understand that in the world we live in today, a fast, stable and impeccable connection is essential, and that is exactly what we provide for our clients."

For more information, or to make an enquiry, contact M2MBlue directly using the contact details below.


M.H. Tromplaan 55
7513 AB Enschede

T: (+31) 85 016 06 66
E: [email protected]

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