Construction of the Storm Yachts S-78 continues

Storm Yachts has recently reported updates on the construction of the S-78 superyacht currently in build in their facilities, stating that the shipyard are focusing on preparatory activities that precede the fitting of the interior.

So far, the insulation and floating floor with integrated heating have already been installed in the S-78’s saloon. Thanks to the use of exclusive materials with highly effective acoustic properties, the living space will be characterised by impressively little noise pollution.

The area below deck where the cabins are located will also feature a floating floor with integrated floor heating. Before this can be completed, however, a soundproof substance will be first applied to the walls to increase resistance to vibrations. But, first, we will apply to the walls a soundproof substance that is highly resistant to vibrations.

Furthermore, the extensive piping for the supply and removal of fuel & water, aeration, etc. will soon be installed below deck. All connections will be welded directly onto the relevant tanks in the highly accessible engine compartment without (PVC) swivels, elbows or taps, ensuring that there are no leaks during the yacht’s entire lifespan.

By Gemma Fottles



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