Construction underway of Cosmo Explorer superyacht

Written by Maarten Janssen

The owner of the Alizul Finance Corporation Ltd. had been looking into the possibility to build an exploration yacht for a long period of time. From 2008 to 2010 several efforts were made to contract the construction of the ownerโ€™s vision of an ideal explorer yacht. However, those attempts did not lead to an actual signed contract, mainly due to techno-economic reasons.

Then, in 2010, the owner of the Alizul Finance Corporation, met up with naval architect Mr. Dimitris Bales and designer Cristiano Gatto of Cristiano Gatto Design Team Srl. It was there and then, that the idea for the Cosmo 50 Explorer was born.

Several meetings followed, and the Alizul Finance Corporation formed the Cosmo Explorer brand, followed by the initiation of the design and construction of the first hull, the Cosmo 50 H.N. 163.10.

Even though the owner of Alizul Finance Corporation Ltd. lacked any shipbuilding experience, his knowledge gained through the years of owning large yachts, provided the base for a unique, hi-end specification, five deck explorer yacht. A yacht of unrestricted service, with ice class notation, built under the rules of ABS classification society and MCA LY2 statutory code.

It was decided that the location where the first of the Cosmo Explorer series was to be built, was to be Greece. Selected because of the countryโ€™s vast experience in the management and operation of yachts, as well as the local know-how and experience available in the building, refit and maintenance maritime industry.

The Cosmo Explorer design, and project management team, led by naval architect Mr. Spyros Efstathopoulos, brought several subcontractors on board, such as the Marin Holland Institute, Vripack Naval Architects, ScanVibra as well as many other established brands.

This careful selection of partners and subcontractors and high end equipment makers such as MTU Friedrichshafen, Caterpillar Inc, Quantum Stabilizers Inc, Kort Propulsion Co Ltd, Teignbridge Propellers, Rubber Design, Atlas Marine Systems, Nautical Structures, Cramm Yachting Systems BV, Newthex Ned BV, Hamann AG, Evac, Muir, Kiwi Closures, Stainless Steel Down Under, Raytheon , as well as strong and persistent quality control, and high building standards, set the benchmark of a high Western European yacht building standard. The Cosmo Explorer brand is a brand dedicated to the design and construction of strong and reliable luxurious explorer yachts packed with innovations and cutting edge technology, ready to explore the roughest seas.

At this moment, Cosmo Explorer is fully time dedicated to the building of one Cosmo 50 Explorer Yacht, to which exclusively Alizul Finance Corporation Ltd. holds all the rights of Naval Architecture and Engineering.



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