Create a smarter superyacht with Videoworks’ Mood Meter

Written by Laura Nicholls

In everyday life, we have begun to introduce new innovations in technology that changes the way in which we use and perceive our personal spaces. Devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri are able to interact with us on a personal level, make our environment smarter, understand us and put us at ease, all while creating a comfortable space for us to enjoy. 

Videoworks mood meter Photo: VideoworksWhen on the water it is vital that everyone onboard has a comfortable experience. Integrated audio/video systems and networks has become an important part of the onboard experience for owners and guests, and a system that can adapt your environment to cater to human emotions, such as Videoworks' Mood Meter, is the type of innovative technology that is set to be a highly desirable addition to any superyacht. 

Videoworks mood meter Photo: VideoworksNew innovations from Videoworks exist to alter the environment to blend with the human within it. Videoworks have designed software that allows emotions and technology to talk to each other, thus creating a unique smart environment. The recently launched Mood Meter incorporates the principles of Artificial Intelligence to make images, lights and sound translate into sensations. By working with an algorithm based on the human neural network that understands mood, the light setting of a room onboard a superyacht can be set accordingly, and a suitable music playlist will be selected to play. The Mood Meter software is able to give a precise insight regarding the sensations experienced and will create customised ambiences accordingly.

Videoworks mood meter Photo: Videoworks

Videoworks mood meter Photo: VideoworksThe Mood Meter creates a smart environment once the user selects a song and watches an emotional video. The videos in the room’s library correspond to a wide range of emotions from fear to joy. While the user watches the video, the sensors in the room maps the user’s emotions, generates a Spotify playlist and sets the lights of the room to reflect the user’s mood in both ambience and colour. The end result is a smart environment that mirrors the user’s feelings.

Videoworks mood meter Photo: VideoworksVideoworks constantly aims to improve the comfort and the quality of life at home and onboard and has designed and installed complete audio/video, entertainment, domotics and IT systems for private, luxurious home, offices and yachts for over 20 years.



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