Crew Insurance Services, Inc. expands insurance portfolio

Crew Insurance Services, Inc. has announced the addition of new insurance plans to increase their existing insurance product lines. Crew Insurance services, Inc. has specialized in marine crew insurance for over six years, and has focused primarily on worldwide yacht crew health insurance for all nationalities.

Crew Insurance Services, Inc. has added life insurance and disability income insurance to their insurance plan offerings. This will increase client’s satisfaction and the convenience of a “one-stop-shop” for insurance products.

“Yacht Captain’s and crews hectic schedules that don’t allow time to “shop around” for quotes from different insurance agencies. They have many other important responsibilities to handle in a short period of time before going out to sea again, and want the efficiency and fast service that a “one-stop-agency” can offer. It’s also important to work with one insurance agent, whom they have an established professional relationship, and who can handle all types of insurance plans”.

Crew Insurance Services is an independent insurance brokerage firm, offering a wide range of insurance products for any citizens: international crew health insurance, international health insurance, life insurance, disability income insurance, travel plans, immigrant coverage and much more. They handle both individual and group insurance plans, for any citizens. For more information visit



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