CRN presents the Oceansport Series

Italian shipyard CRN has unveiled a new design series of yachts created by the team at Omega Architects. The three yachts with a sleek and sporty profile and low gross tonnage will be available in 52m, 61m and 75m variants, appealing to a wide range of clients.

The design’s integrated hull and superstructure creates a dramatic effect with a split-level beach area, which is made possible by moving the tender garages forward onto the main deck, allowing for a sleek and tapered transom design. Full height windows paired with lowered bulwarks on main deck offers guests excellent views from the main salon.

Other distinctive design features on the new Oceansport Series include a near vertical bow and bridge windows, large exterior deck spaces and a beach club fitted with a wellness centre, sauna and infinity pool.

“We are very proud of these new projects. Our cooperation with Omega Architects and Frank Laupman continues to be fertile and fruitful and, once more, it proves how CRN seeks continuous improvements in its aesthetics and performances,” said Lamberto Tacoli, CRN’s Chairman and CEO.

By Charl van Rooy



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