CRN reveals new explorer yacht concept AlfaRosso

Written by Vivian Hendriksz

CRN has revealed a new, innovative explorer yacht concept designed by Francesco Pazkowski Design - AlfaRosso. The new project was crafted with long-range travel in mind and will be available in three lengths, 45, 50 and 55-metres, with the smallest model coming in at 499GT.

“We are excited to continue our collaboration with a dynamic industry leader like Francesco Paszkowski Design,” commented Stefano De Vivo, Chief Commercial Officer at Ferretti Group, the parent company of CRN. “CRN has been a pioneer in the explorer vessel sector, adding an important new chapter to yachting history. In 1983, we created the first explorer pleasure boat, the iconic F100 designed by Gerhard Gilgenast, which went on to achieve cult status. Solidity on the water and a sense of being at one with the surrounding space were the principles underpinning the AlfaRosso design, in perfect harmony with the crisp styling by Francesco Paszkowski.” CRN AlfaRosso concept Photo: CRNThe new displacement yacht concept features sharply defined hull profile and clean lines, giving it rigid and rugged appeal usually associated with explorer yachts. In order to enhance the concept’s connection to the environment, AlfaRosso features extensive outdoor, open spaces for guests to enjoy their surroundings to their fullest extent. The flush pool on the main deck, wide terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows, for example, offer a panoramic view.

“Power on the water and a sensation of merging with the surrounding space are the keys to this design,” said Francesco Paszkowski. “AlfaRosso’s sharply defined architectural geometries embrace large indoor guest areas with generous windows that give a strong sense of continuity between inside and outside.”  In order to further enhance the connection between outdoors and indoors the new concept features steel handrails in lieu of the more traditional gunwales. Open-step stairs connect the various teak wood decks for a full onboard experience which aims to bring guests closer to the environment. The tender and toys can all be stowed in the bow area, to order to ensure the decks are clear to be enjoyed to the exterior spaces on AlfaRosso.  

“Remarkable open-air spaces, conceived as grand terraces gazing on to the sea linked by open-step stairs, lend the entire design a sense of gossamer lightness, where the use of teak provides the link between tradition and innovation,” added Paszkowski. “Working with a historic yard like CRN has always been a great source of pride for our studio. Being able to create a new project backed by their proven expertise and solid know-how once again has been an inspiring experience.”  



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