Curvelle at the Antibes Yacht Show 2009

While the new Curvelle 33 metre catamaran motoryacht can be purchased outright for a remarkably competitive €8m. There are an increasing number of buyers keen to take advantage of Curvelle’s Fractional Ownership system which allows the owners a much greater level of flexibility and freedom of choice and is far closer to full ownership of a superyacht than other similar systems available.

Any combination of 1 to 8 owners can purchase a share in the yacht, with each owner becoming a shareholder in the company that owns the yacht. Jointly they will hold 100% of the equity in the vessel as Curvelle itself retains no financial interest in the yacht. The owners therefore, have full control of the asset.

Each of the 8 shares are offered at €1m and the scheme is structured so that no VAT is applicable to either the purchase of the yacht or the majority of maintenance and servicing costs. With 5 weeks cruising available to each member, Curvelle fractional ownership is far more economical than chartering an equivalent yacht. It can be shown that the break even point between charter and fractional ownership of a Curvelle is ten days a year. Therefore for client intending to charter for ten days or more, the Curvelle Fractional Ownership program is far more beneficial.

The initial two Curvelle 33X9 superyachts will be built at award winning Cheoy Lee shipyard ready for the 2010 season. Curvelle will undertake the management function of the yachts, providing crew, maintenance and arranging any movement of the yacht between cruising waters as requested by the owners.

The highly experienced team at Curvelle have incorporated a rotating priority scheme to manage each owners desired times onboard and providing a unique benefit to the purchase. The scheme was initially designed for British Airways for its pilot rotation and was later fine tuned for the property market before being developed for Curvelle by one of the original architects of the BA scheme.

Luuk V. van Zanten, Marketing Director of Curvelle commented, “We have been able to bring this innovative and well tested programme to the benefit of superyacht owners to provide all the benefits of ownership without the associated commitment. The system provides unrivalled flexibility and as near as possible the freedom of owning the entire yacht without any of the worries of yacht ownership. Our management will enhance the experience by ensuring the owner and his family know they are aboard their own yacht. Details such as diet, drink preferences, family photos and furnishing layout will all be ready for the owners arrival.”

Owners can purchase more shares if available and can of course sell their shares at any time. Any unused weeks on the yacht can be offered for charter if desired by the owners providing a substantial supplement to the running costs. The Curvelle Fractional Ownership scheme provides a genuine alternative to the much higher costs and concerns of full ownership.

Luuk V. van Zanten
+44 (0) 7509 160234
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