Curvelle takes a lead in green construction

Luxury yacht builder Curvelle has Carbon Offset the energy that will be used to build its yachts, including an allowance for design and commercial development activity from 2009. The Curvelle 33x9 yachts already show considerable energy savings due to their efficient, innovative design, and today’s announcement underlines Curvelle’s commitment to achieving optimal environmental performance across the board.

The quantity of electricity that will be used during construction of each yacht has been estimated by the Curvelle team. The greenhouse gas emissions due to this energy use have been calculated by the specialists at Yacht Carbon Offset, and balanced by equivalent emissions reductions from independently validated green energy projects.

Following launch, the carbon emissions “per week of yachting pleasure” will be minimised both by Curvelle’s efficiency of design, and through the fractional ownership structure that maximises productive use of the vessel. Arrangements to balance these operational carbon emissions will be developed in due course.

Curvelle’s Director Luuk V. van Zanten said: “A major factor in selecting a catamaran design for the Curvelle 33X9 was efficiency. Over and above the huge advantages of space and stability, the twin hull configuration achieves a substantial 30% greater fuel efficiency than equivalent monohulls of similar performance. So the overall greenhouse gas emissions from our yachts during operation will be far less than the equivalent monohull design superyachts.

We have also recognised that the energy used during construction contributes to the “carbon footprint” of the yacht over its lifetime. So as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we have decided to be proactive. By Offsetting carbon emissions even before launch, we provide our owners with the satisfaction that Curvelle yachts offer unrivalled environmental performance both on the water and during construction. For us, it is a matter of leadership, and we are pleased to be working with the specialists at Yacht Carbon Offset to put this leadership into action.”

Yacht Carbon Offset’s Mark Robinson added: “To our knowledge, Curvelle’s action is the first example of Carbon Offsetting the energy used in the construction of a superyacht, - as such it is a real milestone. This decision is a practical and effective response to the growing focus on environmental performance across the superyacht industry. We are delighted to be working with Curvelle on their innovative project and to show that action on superyacht carbon emissions can begin even before the vessel enters the water.”

Luuk V. van Zanten
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Yacht Carbon Offset Limited
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