DAHET assists in superyacht tender operations

Engineer Jean-Marc Beynet has developed an innovative pneumatic breakwater system to reduce the swell around a superyacht. It was created to assist tender operations, making it easier and safer to transfer guests from the superyacht to the tender.

Usually, when a superyacht is anchored or at a mooring post, it faces wind and waves, however it does not move much, because of its size, whereas the tender is far more affected by the offshore agitation creating difficulties for guests to transfer to the tender, as tenders can become unstable.

The DAHET swell attenuator device should prove a useful addition to a superyacht, particularly for tender operational assistance, but also for protecting guests against waves on foldable swim platforms.

The pneumatic breakwater can be installed into the hull of the superyacht and has been said to “makes the sea quiet” for further explanation of this innovation follow the above link to an explanatory video.

Jean-Marc Beynet
+33 6 85 11 99 50
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