Damen’s fast yacht support vessel 6711

Damen’s fast yacht support vessel 6711 in Sardinia

The 67 metre Damen Sea Axe support vessel named 6711 has been configured with an extensive dive centre, including its own decompression chamber. Deck space, excluding fully certified helipad - is an impressive 275 square metres. Her aft helipad is LY2 certified with a maximum take-offload of 5,000kg and can here be seen with her EC 155 helicopter on deck. Not much separates 6711 with her sister ship Garcon, apart from her stealthy grey hull colour. As these vessels are often used as a support vessel to larger superyachts, 6711 is unique as she can often be seen cruising the Mediterranean alone, used as big toy-carrying superyacht.

By Charl van Rooy, photo by Max Coltorti



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