From Cadiz to Miami: Dan Lenard's transatlantic mission for environmental awareness

Written by Saskia Henn

Dan Lenard, a co-founder of the design firm Nuvolari Lenard is currently embarking on a month-long, transatlantic, solo mission on board the 10.06-metre sailboat Scia

Dan Lenard with sailing yacht SCIAPhoto: Tom van OossanenHaving departed from Cadiz, Spain on 20th January, Lenard is expected to arrive almost exactly one month later on 23rd February in Miami. The intention of Lenard's transatlantic mission is to highlight the environmental purity of sailing and to garner discussion about how the yacht industry can prevent and ameliorate environmental damage. 

Dan Lenard with sailing yacht SCIAPhoto: Tom van OossanenOnboard Scia, which was assembled using recycled parts from five different boats, Lenard is traversing the Atlantic Ocean alone with no engine, electronics, GPS, log, compass, or autopilot. While Lenard cannot chart his progress and has no outside contact until he reaches the Caribbean, his audience can do so through Scia’s tracker which updates his location every hour.

Dan Lenard with sailing yacht SCIAPhoto: Tom van OossanenThe Vela-Code shore team also provides updates on their social media and website, sharing Lenard’s location and promoting the awareness of ocean pollution. Once in the Caribbean, Lenard will send out a greeting and will be able to communicate the rest of the way until he reaches Miami.

Dan Lenard with sailing yacht SCIAPhoto: Tom van OossanenTo follow Dan Lenard on his transatlantic journey, follow the project’s Instagram page and Facebook page.



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