Danish Yachts unveil project 116

Sustainable, with the minimum negative impact on the environment has to be a key element in modern superyacht construction. Once built and commissioned, it is vital that this approach is maintained in the day to day operation of the vessel throughout its life. Danish Yachts in Skagen in Denmark are totally committed to this philosophy and it is clear to see from initial system designs through to the finished product.

Every new build launched from Danish Yachts’ shipyard is put through detailed research and testing, ensuring that the superyacht is commissioned to optimum weights and standards. Fuel efficiency, through lighter weight construction confirmed by tank testing at early design stage, has allowed the yard to produce one of the world’s most efficient jet powered yachts which is due to leave the yard this Summer.

Build 116 has been scrutinised in every minute detail; assembly of the hull and deck has been meticulous with all equipment fitted weighed prior to fit out. Likewise, any trash or extra fittings which are not required are weighed off the boat in order to give an accurate weight and displacement calculation. By using these methods, the project manager is confident in the fact that the final vessel will be on the water at the precise design weight and will perform to the predicted top speed of around 51 knots. This is also important for boat handling, in terms of the energy efficient engines and jet drives, already tested to be within Danish Yachts’ stringent requirements to allow for the best possible performance, with the minimum fuel consumption.

This superyacht build is to have special tinted reflecting glass to reduce energy losses through the panels. Black and grey waste water discharge systems are designed not to pollute the environment and fully comply with the MARPOL requirements for marine pollution. The generators will run at a higher RPM than is standard on most yachts which allows for a considerably lighter, more modern and efficient engine, at the same time reducing the NOX content of the exhaust.

To provide the minimum negative impact on the environment, the team at Danish Yachts is committed, wherever and whenever possible to use environmentally sound, recyclable and biodegradable products. The superyacht yard uses wind power for electricity and all build areas are insulated efficiently to reduce heat loss. The yard has accreditation for ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 in accordance with the stringent regulations demanded by the ISO standards for quality and the environment.

Danish Yachts has recently been awarded the International Star Diamond Award from the American Academy, for their delivery of consistent excellence to their clients. This award fits well with the award Danish Yachts took for the build of the J Class sailing yacht ‘Ranger’ for the ‘Highest Technical Achievement in a Sailing Yacht’ at the Annual Showboat Awards in the year following her launch.

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