Dates of China Rendez-Vous announced

Delphine Lignieres, founder of the successful Hainan Rendez-Vous, has announced that China Rendez-Vous will hold the 5th edition of the event in Dalian from July 3rd to 6th at the East Port Marina. In response to changing market conditions and Chinese HNWIs’ desire for more sophisticated lifestyle offerings, China Rendez-Vous is creating a full suite of events to meet consumer and brand demand. The new name for all events will be “SO! RENDEZVOUS” with the “SO! DALIAN” edition being the first in the series. Further announcements on the full series will be forthcoming.

The first edition of the new series will take place in Dalian from July 3rd to 6th at the East Port Marina, one of North China’s best yachting facilities. Located East of Beijing on Bohai Bay, Dalian is already the destination of choice for China's northern elite. East Port Marina is a unique place where China Rendez-Vous can easily accommodate superyachts and cater to the demand from wealthy mainlanders who are largely concentrated in the North of the country. 75 yachts representing most of the key players from the superyacht world are expected to join and major lifestyle and jet companies have already confirmed their presence.

The show will be branded “SO! DALIAN”, a Yachting and Lifestyle Rendezvous. This will be the first in a series of events under the "SO! RENDEZVOUS" umbrella, all of which will offer exhibitors and guests the same level of integrity and organizational expertise that China Rendez-Vous is renowned for. The ability of the organizers to adapt the events based on changing market conditions will make "SO! RENDEZVOUS" the pinnacle of the yachting industry in China.

We believe that the China market is becoming more and more mature and that Chinese yacht owners are now keen to discover yacht models in a quieter and more relaxed environment”, said Delphine Lignieres, founder and CEO of China Rendez-Vous Ltd. Lifestyle and entertainment will remain key elements of the events and create great synergies among the represented industries. The overall atmosphere will retain a subtle and dignified quality with culture elements remaining at the forefront of all future events.

The organizers are delighted to see the tremendous interest received and, more importantly, the massive support that they are receiving from loyal brands with whom they have been working for the last 10 years to understand and expand in the China market. Delphine added, "The strength of China Rendez-Vous is our delicated and professional team who is working full speed to deliver an event of the highest calibre.“

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