Debut of the new Cantiere delle Marche shipyard in Italy

The new shipyard Cantiere delle Marche recently started their operations in Ancona, Italy. The company’s aim is to build steel and aluminium displacement yachts between 21 and 40 metres.

The company has introduced the Darwin Class: a line of small ships; each model will be produced in limited numbers. The company has already sold three superyachts; two 86ft yachts and one 82ft yacht with a hybrid propulsion system. The yachts will be delivered to their owners between 2011 and the Spring of 2012.

Since the start-up, yachting professionals from Northern Europe have been onboard and together with these professionals the shipyard has developed new operation and quality control processes and systems.

In collaboration with the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Rome III, Cantiere delle March also offers their clients the option of hybrid Pronaves engines which significantly reduce the environmental impact by lowering emissions. At the same time the engines increase the range of the vessel and only three refuel stops are necessary to travel around the world.

Ennio Cecchini, Managing Director of the Cantiere delle Marche, has built his team around Vasco Buonpensiere, the Sales & Marketing Director, who has years of experience as an international broker. Vasco has just finished a 6-year stint as Sales and Brand Manager for Custom Line and CRN of the Ferretti Group.

As Vasco Buonpensiere himself states: “We believe that the Cantiere delle Marche, with its Darwin Class yachts, is one of the few truly innovative responses that the shipbuilding industry has to offer yacht owners who are thinking of building a new yacht at the moment. Our goal is to offer top quality, durability, seaworthiness, low fuel consumption and attention to the services connected with the pre- and post-sales phases: all that seems very obvious, but the market, spoiled by excesses of recent years, has drifted away from these fundamentals, and that holds for both the owners and a number of shipyards throughout the world.”

Cantiere delle Marche
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