Dedicated Jongert refit team performs to revive yachts ‘as new’

Only dedicated craftsmanship and a sailor’s love for fine yachts can revive an experienced vessel to the same prospering state it graced at its first launch. At the Jongert yard you will find these qualities. Internationally acknowledged for the perfect construction and finish of their yachts, expertise at the Jongert yard can also be applied for refits. Following Jongert refits, yachts are launched as if they were all new.

A special service team at the yard is dedicated to refits, offering the specific service and logistics that serious refits require. This team will make an inventory of the works needed and advised - and successively set up a logistics plan to create an overview of the total time and cost of the project. The state-of-the-art yard, comprising of three large halls that were built in 2003, offer all the facilities the intense job of refitting a super yacht requires. During the works at the yard, the yachts are placed on specially designed cradles, to avoid any chance of damaging the hull.

To preserve a yacht’s value, continuous maintenance is necessary. Enduring surveillance of technical systems together with the general condition of a yacht is an important key to safe ocean crossing. On top of the all-day maintenance, an update is needed from time to time. Electronic navigational equipment may be advanced at the day of a yacht’s launch, it can soon be followed by even further developed navigation and control devices. Keeping this kind of equipment up to date is a sensible investment in every yacht. Brokerage yachts in particular, may need this kind of attention. The technical refit is often combined with an upgrade of the overall styling and finish, to present a good-as-new yacht. Inspection and thorough general maintenance of all systems, ensures the new owner he can safely set to the seas with his yacht.

Currently at the yard are three refit projects, to be ready for re-launch in the summer of 2007: first is the 1998-built Jongert 3000M Azzura, second the Moonen motor yacht “Rusalina”, third the Jongert 14M Martje – one of the first yachts ever built with the brand name ‘Jongert' !

Azzura came to the yard to receive a complete new exterior coating system, new teak decks, a new package of navigation and communication equipment and energy-saving LED-lighting throughout the yacht. In addition, this fine sailing yacht will be given a complete technical check-up. Upgrades of domestic appliances, the air conditioning and generators and battery packs are also included.

Motor yacht Rusalina is subject to a technical refit. Engines, propulsion systems and hydraulics will be overhauled and the air conditioning will be renewed. Navigation and communication equipment will be replaced for up-to-date systems, as well as the entertainment system.The owners suit will have a new bathroom. After the summer she will return to the yard for cosmetic refit.

Martje is the third refit project this summer at the Jongert yard. This 14 meter sailing yacht was built in 1976 and until recently owned by a German yachtsman. Jan Jongert and his wife Margareth bought the boat at the beginning of 2007, to sail her with their family at the IJsselmeer. This yacht sailed from Palma the Mallorca over the rivers Rhône and Saône back home to the shipyard. Here she will be refited by the Jongert-family and their co-workers, who put in their free time. Martje is the living proof of the proverbial Jongert quality. After 30 years of extensive use she is still in an impeccable state.

Embedded in the Netherlands, having all the suppliers of highest quality equipment within direct surroundings, within less than an hour’s drive, Jongert can offer these services within accurate timetables, calculating a competitive budget. Numerous owners, captains and crew decide to make the journey from the Mediterranean or Caribbean to Jongert 's facilities in the Netherlands. The savings in refit time and budget often make up for the trip up and down.



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