Designer Rob Doyle comments on his Explorer Support Vessel

Sometimes having too many features built into a superyacht can be more of a handicap than a blessing. With the constant requirement to get more ‘toys’ and more guests and bigger spaces onto yachts, designs have grown and grown in all dimensions and become hungrier on human resources to crew. Often now, due to the sheer inertia of the boat and its crew, operations are compromised as to where they can go and how quickly plans can be made and changed.

To that end Rob Doyle is proposing a striking Fast Yacht Support Vessel concept of 47m/154ft. The Explorer Support Vessel (which is an under 500GT Vessel for classification purposes) has been designed to provide 24-hour support for superyachts.

Doyle explains further: “Superyachts in the 40m to 80m range, catering for as many as 12 guests, offer a perfect balance between size, aesthetics, space for the guests and the owners’ private living spaces. The prime vessel thus becomes very efficient in catering for the owners’ real needs and the idea of having a shadow vessel becomes the element that builds in almost infinite flexibility.

“It offers the ability of having extra crew, extra stores, fuel and a huge array of toys ranging from helicopters, sea planes, small sailing yachts, power boats, jetskis, class rooms and specialised spaces available on tap, leaving the owner and guests to explore and enjoy on a similar sized private power or sailboat.”

The Explorer Support Vessel has been designed to complement her mother ship with elegant and discreet hull lines and superstructure. Good looks and robustness, high performance and great sea keeping are a priority with this concept. This vessel has been designed to travel comfortably and safely at speed in almost any sea state, and significantly this kind of solution may mean that the support boat remains within the owner’s fleet during his entire yachting career whereas the primary vessel can be changed regularly as the owner’s needs evolve,” concludes Doyle.

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