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Written by Charl van Rooy

In under a month’s time, SuperYacht Gallery London is set to bring together the best of the best in the world of luxury yachting in a setting as prestigious and iconic as the partners who are making this inaugural exposition possible. For many superyacht owners, the road from a concept to launch often starts with an introduction to a talented designer whose job it is to realise the owner’s custom vision and visualise his/her dreams. The design stage forms a central part of the superyacht story to be told in Saatchi Gallery next month and some of the world’s finest artists will be present during the 3-day event. Here we take a closer look at which designers visitors will have the pleasure of learning more about in London.

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Bannenberg & Rowell Design

British design studio Bannenberg & Rowell were one of the first of many respected brands to have supported the upcoming SuperYacht Gallery London event. With their studio based in Fulham, Bannenberg & Rowell has long recognised the significance of London as an important location with regards to their own clients. Commenting on their participation, Dickie Bannenberg says: “The Saatchi Gallery is pretty much on our own turf so we were immediately excited at the SuperYacht Gallery concept, and looking forward to presenting the work of designers and shipyards in this unique Gallery context.

Winch Design

Established in 1986 by Andrew Winch, Winch Design has built up an impressively iconic portfolio over the past three decades. Just a few of the studio’s most recent significant superyacht projects include the 74-metre CRN-built Cloud 9 which was launched at the beginning of this year in Italy, the 83-metre Amels-built Here Comes the Sun which was delivered to her owners in January, and the 74-metre Aurora which was launched by the renowned German shipyard Lürssen in March.

Aino-Leena Grapin, CEO of Winch Design, states: “The Superyacht Gallery is set in an iconic location in the heart of our home town. We are delighted to be able to showcase our exceptional creativity and craftsmanship to yacht aficionados and hopefully begin a dialogue which may lead them to the incredible adventure of building a new yacht. The team behind the Superyacht Gallery are set to make this event the most innovative London has seen in our industry.

Diana Yacht Design

With their vast experience working closely with a wide range of superyacht owners, the team at Diana immediately recognised that the philosophy behind the SuperYacht Galelry was something in which the industry is lacking and in need of. The talented and driven team will be on site at Saatchi Gallery next month to showcase some of their most important projects to date.

This is a great opportunity to be a partner in the birth of a new event,” states the studio. “The team at SuperYacht Times, headed by Merijn de Waard, know the business inside-out and the reason why they came up with a new event is because the market is clearly demanding this. We felt it was important to support this event and contribute to making it a success – and we strongly believe it will be. Showing new and potential clients the world of yachting in a new and inspiring way is a challenge without boats, but we feel photography, animation and film in an inspiring surrounding such as London’s Saatchi Gallery will overcome this challenge.

Espen Oeino

As the designer behind some of the world’s largest yachts, Espen Oeino has become a well-known name in the world of luxury yachting. The Norwegian-born artist will bring his trademark charisma and professional demeanour to a city as cool and iconic as the yachts that he designs.

Oeino clearly sees the benefit of a new type of event such as SuperYacht Gallery: “SuperYacht Gallery is a show concept that is really focused on business-to-client relationships rather than the typical business-to-business we see in many traditional boat shows. The industry needs new clients, younger clients, and SuperYacht Gallery is focused on attracting the people that will be vital to the longevity of our business.

Claydon Reeves

Claydon Reeves has also announced that they plan to reveal their latest exciting project at the event, demonstrating their belief that SuperYacht Gallery London is the right place to showcase their latest work and ideas to not only the industry, but to the superyacht owners that drive these projects into becoming a reality. “We have chosen to unveil our latest project, something equally as unique and ground breaking as the SuperYacht Gallery, at this well-conceived event. Over the three days we will present an idea that breaches the benchmarks we know so well in an effort to deliver something truly spectacular.

The studio says: “With an office based in Kensington, we attend a number of events in London and cross paths with many of the industry’s key players. The exciting aspect about the SuperYacht Gallery is its fresh perspective, with a different focus to many of the events executed during the yachting calendar. It shines a light on the heritage and artistic flavours of our extraordinary industry while drawing attention to the richness in art, design and architecture of London.

Studio Indigo

Relatively new to the world of superyacht design, Studio Indigo made a significant impression on the superyacht industry last year with the launch of Feadship’s 70-metre Joy, featuring a chic interior from the drawing boards of the studio. Well-established and highly esteemed in the luxury residential and architecture sectors, they bring a fresh perspective to superyacht design.

The Studio comments: “The Superyacht Gallery provides a rare insight into the world of superyachts. An experience-based exposition gives people a feel of the whole superyachting lifestyle and celebrates all that it has to offer. Studio Indigo are delighted to take part in the first event of its kind, right on our doorstep in Chelsea. The event is perfectly pitched at our audience and showcases the level of detail that goes into the designing of a superyacht. At Studio Indigo we prefer to work very closely with our clients and the exhibition captures the excitement of successfully bringing their vision to life.

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