Destination of the month: Greece is the word with Paxos, Anti Paxos and Syvota

Written by Elizabeth Kelly

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With over 6000 islands to chose from and countless mainland destinations, it is no wonder that Greece has become such a popular sailing destination in recent years. However, with Santorini seen as the new St Tropez for superyachts and Mykonos marked as the mother of all Mediterranean marinas, it is unsurprising that visitors to the the region rarely venture beyond the popular tourist destinations. Yet, just a little further round the coastline, away from the crowds of Corfu and the hordes of Hydra, in the northern tip of the Ionian waters lies a charming coastline of sleepy fishing coves, brilliantly blue bays and hidden harbours. The island of Paxos and the bay of Syvota are two of the hidden gems of this region, sheltered from the summer rush of tourists, these destinations remain a serene secret of the Ionian sea.

The beautiful Vrika beach in Antipaxos

The paradisiacal and peaceful island of Paxos is the epitome of Ionian bliss. With white pebbled beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque harbours, the island stands timeless and unspoilt. Out of all the Ionian islands, the destination of Paxos is not a maybe but a must, and from the seclusion and serenity of a superyacht, the Grecian charm of the region’s best kept secret has everything and more to offer its visitors - as does her neighbouring island of Antipaxos, just 3 km to the south of Paxos.

A typical sight on any Greek charter experience: blue seas and white Greek orthodox church

With no international airport, the island is only accessible by boat, preserving its rustic and romantic allure. Though it is only 15km south of the popular destination of Corfu, Paxos feels a million miles away from the bright and bustling lights of the cosmopolitan whilst remaining near enough for all essential amenities. Blessed with authentic Greek tavernas, luscious olive groves and a dramatic coastline, Paxos really is the ideal Ionian destination.

With a rich history of Greek mythology, legend dictates that Paxos was created when Poseidon struck the island of Corfu with his trident, in order to create a retreat for himself and his wife Amphitrite.

A beautiful panoramic view of Parga port, an excellent base to reach Syvota

Though summer holidays sailing in Greece are synonymous with the enchanting Ionian islands, Greece’s mainland entails many mesmerising locations including the stunning bay of Syvota. With long sheltered beaches with crystal clear waters and secret coves, Syvota is the perfect stop for sailors of the Ionian archipelagos.

Out of all the beaches in the area, Piscina Beach is a top destination to anchor up for the afternoon, unlike the pebbled beaches of Paxos, there is a gentle curve of fine white sand and the crystal clear waters look and palm trees give a tropical feel to the little Greek bay.

The crystal clear Grecian waters in Parga and colourful houses are unforgettable

As the vibrant sun sets in the evening over the backdrop of the Ionian islands, the little fishing harbour of Syvota comes alive, with traditional music playing from the quintessentially Greek tavernas and local seafood restaurants. The flavour and the vibrancy of this destination is palpable and enticing.

From the bay of Syvota, the Ionian is an open book with countless destinations to explore. With endless options on offer to visiting yachts, local experts G&K Yachting make use of their intimate and unrivalled knowledge of all Greece’s secret spots and highlights to craft a bespoke itinerary for yachts operating in Greece and the Mediterranean.

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