Discussing syndicate ownership with Curvelle at the Singapore Yacht Show

There have been many attempts to launch shared ownership into the world of superyachting by everything from timeshare to fractional ownership, but Yacht Marketing Limited, who are behind the new 'Curvelle' luxury power 'Super-Catamaran', have taken a fresh approach, which might just be perfect for the Asian market.

Curvelle is currently exhibiting at the Singapore Yacht Show, where I spoke with Syndicate ownership manager Steve Last, and with Founder, developer & marketing director of Curvelle, Luuk v. Van Zanten.

โ€œI think Singapore is clearly a very promising market for us, with a yacht show like this, there is a lot interest in boats our size" Steve Last explains. "I think that the Asian market is one, from my perspective, looking at it the shared ownership side of it, that is very interesting. You see, people here are very smart about their money. And the scheme we put together, is very much aimed at getting the maximum value for your money. I think that this part of the world is one which is one that will be a significant market for us".

Luuk v. Van Zanten adds "Some of the shares in our first yacht, which is very close to delivery, are already sold, but 4 are still available out of seven. Each of those shares gives 5 weeks of usage of the yacht to the member of this very small and exclusive club, which the syndicate really is. Of course, if a client would like more time onboard, they could buy two or more shares".

You can visit Curvelle at the Singapore Yacht Show this week.

Luuk V. van Zanten
+44(0)20 7917 2976
[email protected]

By Maarten Janssen



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