Diverse Projects' support vessel concept Atlas

New Zealand based Diverse Projects has recently introduced their latest support vessel concept, Atlas. Ready to be built upon request, Atlas is fully customisable, offering an efficient, stable, DP1, high load carrier with package options to add on modules such as heli-decks, large A-frame, tender ramp, submarine garage and media/science containers, amongst others.

“We have been very fortunate to see both the benefits and shortcomings of what the incumbent industry can offer. With the knowledge that owners are wishing to push the duration of their voyages to more remote places, while still being able to cater for every possible activity, we started our design process not from a blank sheet but from knowledge of vessels currently in service,” says Diverse Projects’ John Vitali.

“It’s a transformer,” Lars Bjorklund finishes. “A purpose-built base boat, stripped down to basics allowing the owner to add the elements needed, to create the most cost-effective, high-yielding support vessel available.”

Diverse Projects Directors John Vitali and Lars Bjorklund will be at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show at the end of the month, where they will introduce visitors to Atlas.

By Gemma Fottles



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