Döhle Yachts awarded Passenger Ship Document of Compliance

After a successful audit by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR), Döhle Yachts has been awarded a full term Passenger Ship Document of Compliance (DOC). The DOC enables Döhle Yachts to provide services to passenger vessels in addition to large yachts built and classified as passenger vessels that are subject to the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC).

The PYC applies to pleasure yachts of any size, in private use or engaged in trade, which carry more than 12 but not more than 36 passengers and which do not carry cargo. The PYC was developed in response to industry’s desire to have a single reference document for the construction and operation of large passenger yachts and represents a collaborative effort amongst members of the Red Ensign Group who collectively have a significant amount of experience in the very large yacht market.

Specifically, the PYC was developed to address the difficulties in applying some of the international Convention standards (in particular the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention and the Load Line Convention), which were designed for “merchant” ships, to the present day superyacht. The PYC in no way dilutes Convention standards but provides equivalent standards and arrangements, where appropriate, aimed at addressing in a pragmatic and practical way the challenges imposed by the design operation and usage off today’s large yachts. The PYC provides standards for both privately operated and commercially operated yachts.

By way of comparison the PYC may be viewed as a natural progression, although philosophically very different, from the very successful UK “Large Yacht Code” which sets out standards for commercial yachts over 24m, less than 3000gt and carrying not more than 12 passengers.

Commented Robert Tobin, Döhle Yachts Director, on the award: “The successful audit and full term DOC reflects Döhle’s continuing commitment to meet the requirements of both our clients and those of the developing yacht industry and recognises our performance in this field.”

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