Dometic Environmental develops new series of air handlers for chiller line

Dometic Environmental has developed three new types of air handlers created to work with its line of circulated-water air conditioning systems for large yachts and workboats. The new ATL, ABL and ATV models offer tight-space resolutions for installation in both horizontal and vertical spaces.

“The new air handlers offer a large variety of solutions to accommodate virtually every different type of installation scenario,” said Frank Marciano, president of Dometic Environmental. “In addition, each unit is designed to reduce noise and secondary condensation.”

The ATL series is a draw-through air handler for chilled-water applications. While built-in vibration isolation controls noise, the low-profile design is ideal for overhead applications where height is limited. The electrical box can be mounted remotely up to six feet from the handler, allowing for additional installation options where space is limited.

The ABL air handlers include two quiet DC blowers that can be adjusted to push air in different directions. At just under a foot tall, this unit can be mounted from above or below.

The ATV air handler has a total depth of less than 10 inches and is engineered to fit in tight places. The powerful DC blower can be rotated to distribute air vertically or horizontally and is designed for ducted applications.

All units contain a foam-lined anti-slosh, anti-fungal condensate drain pan and use corrosion-resistant materials. Insulating foam covers the condensate drain pan, blower housing, shroud and coil end cover to help reduce noise and secondary condensation.



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