Dometic Environmental introduces new pump package for chillers

Dometic Environmental has introduced a new series of pump packages for their line of chilled-water air conditioning systems for large yachts and workboats.

The pump package combines several essential components into one unit, including a chilled-water pump, expansion tank, pump drain pan, dual-scale pressure gauge and fill assembly.

“We created this all-in-one package for chilled-water systems to eliminate the need to install each piece separately,” said Frank Marciano, president of Dometic Environmental. “The result is a quicker and easier installation.”

The package features a bladder-style expansion tank that prevents the tank’s air from dissolving in the water. Air in the tank allows the water to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations to relieve pressure that may otherwise result in leaks.

The dual-scale pressure gauge connects to an inlet pipe for the most accurate reading of system return water pressure. It reads in both pounds per square inch and kilopascal to accommodate both U.S. and international users.

The pump package is available in seven different models in varying voltages, amps and air handler capacity.



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