Dometic introduces Cruisair MTD Series low profile chiller

Dometic, the world leader in marine air conditioning and sanitation systems and equipment, shows the Cruisair MTD low profile chiller at London International Boat Show. The nine model series ranges from 24,000 to 120,000 BTU/hr (2-10 tons) capacity and its compact, modular design will appeal to builders and designers seeking more efficient use of on-board spaces. In line with other air conditioning units from Dometic, the Cruisair MTD provides maximum performance and reliability coupled with flexible installation and ease of maintenance.

The Cruisair MTD series has been designed to appeal to the widest range of builder specifications. To achieve capacities beyond 120,000 BTU/hr, multiple modules can be utilised; custom frame and water-manifold installations are also available for multiple use. Each unit can be made available with a range of compressors according to the available power system. As each unit has two sub-modules with identical dimensions, where space is limited they can be separated for remote mounting. Furthermore, each sub-module can be rotated to achieve more convenient water-connection locations or compressor access.

The Cruisair MTD series is a tempered water reverse-cycle unit that both heats and cools. Thermal expansion valves optimise performance over a wide range of conditions, while a hot-gas bypass valve maintains heating performance in cold seawater and helps prevent water freezing in the heat exchanger. The unit’s ability to heat in seawater temperatures as low as 3.5°C (38°F) removes the need for a separate fossil-fuel or electric water heater in most applications.

The Cruisair MTD comes with a scroll compressor as standard and faster condensate drainage is achieved with the inclusion of larger drain fittings.

The seawater headers are connected to condensers via flexible hose to improve alignment for customer connections and added strength is provided by reinforced stainless-steel seawater connections. For ease of maintenance, the seawater manifolds are removable to allow cleaning of the condenser tubing.

Start-up power surges can be eliminated through the addition of optional Variable Frequency Drives (VDFs), which will also run the unit at full capacity 60Hz even when a 50Hz input exists. The full range of Dometic Corporation, Environmental Division products can be seen at the company stand at London International Boat Show 9th – 18th January 2009.



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