Dometic introduces new line of large chillers for megayachts

Dometic Environmental Corporation has introduced a new series of multi-ton marine chiller units for circulated-water air conditioning systems on megayachts and workboats. The chillers, available in 20- and 25-ton capacities, are being marketed under Dometic’s Marine Air brand.

The new chillers are unitized modules that include a hermetic scroll compressor, shell-and-tube condenser, brazed plate exchangers and thermal expansion valves, along with other mechanical and electrical components on a single chassis. The space-saving design facilitates installation in tight spaces. Multiple chiller units can be staged as needed to meet the HVAC requirements for very large vessels.

“The new chiller, with its shell-and-tube condenser instead of multiple condenser coil windings, provides an attractive alternative to large rack-mounted arrays of four or five smaller-capacity chillers,” said Charlie Barefoot, vice president of engineering for Dometic Environmental. “It also provides for more efficient performance and easier field service.”

Other important improvements include a sub-cooler for enhanced performance in warm seawater temperatures, a high-capacity filter/dryer protects the compressor and other components from contaminants, flanged water connections for easy hookup and a new-design flowswitch for robust protection against low-flow conditions. Other safety measures include high -and low-pressure switches, pressure relief valve, high-limit switch and freeze protection.

Heat is provided by one or two electric heating elements in each module. A separate heater barrel is not required.



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