Dominator presents new Ilumen 26M

Dominator Design & Development has revealed their latest yacht design, the Ilumen 26M. The entire vessel has been fully modelled in 3D, and the Dominator team report they have created a fully immersed virtual reality experience of the yacht through the use of 3D modeling software.

Ilumen’s hull is the Dominator High Performance Hull (HPH), a hard-chine hull with a blade bulbous bow designed to produce superior resistance values in all the semi-displacement and semi-planing phases. The HPH hull has also been designed to operate in perfect symphony with the Fortjes Pods produced by Reintjes, specialists in gearbox development and production.

Chief Engineer at Dominator, Andrea Agrusta, comments: “The engineering of this unique vessel has above all focused on guaranteeing unrivalled static and dynamic stability, a target not easily attained in a yacht like Ilumen, with its high and extended superstructures. This goal has been reached thanks to the correct, well-balanced choice of materials, hull shape and weight distribution.”

He concludes, “The construction technology that has produced the Dominator Ilumen 26M, from the creation of the composite shell to the complex painting process selected and the type and quality of the equipment installed, sets an entirely new standard in the design and building of mega yachts.”

By Gemma Fottles



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