Dominion Marine Technical Services team expands

The team at Dominion Marine Technical Services (DMTS) has recently grown in accordance with demand. Chris Allix, director and founder of Dominion Marine Corporate Services told us why:

“As it is a requirement in the UK MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2) that all commercial yachts, over 24m and under 500GT, flying the Red Ensign, have an effective Mini-ISM system on board, there is great demand for the system offered by Dominion. It is a tried and tested comprehensive package that Captains find easy to implement. As our clients’ yachts increasingly fall into this category, we felt it was timely to expand our technical services team. This increase in resource means we can continue to deliver the high standard of service we are well known for. With the present economic climate and the constant pressure clients are under to cut back on costs, DMTS offers outstanding value for money.”

The Mini-ISM system, designed by DMTS, has been tailor-made to meet the safety management requirements as established in the UK MCA Large Yacht Code for all commercially registered yachts greater than 24 metres and less than 500 gross registered tonnes.

This Mini-ISM framework clearly defines practical and effective lines of communication both onboard and ship to shore. The system is owned and managed by the yacht and evolves with the vessel whilst being fully supported by a team of experienced and qualified ISM Lead auditors.

Chris Allix added the following:

“The additional team members have a maritime background, as both Master Mariners and Chief Engineer Officers. Since coming ashore they have implemented both Full and Mini ISM systems on board some of the world’s most prestigious super yachts. They are on hand 24/7 to provide support for all technical management issues and to assist in any emergency response situations. We know from experience that this kind of service is paramount to the Captain’s peace of mind. When a commercial yacht is on charter, it is essential the yacht is covered by a reliable Mini-ISM system and all the persons on board are safe”.

The experience and knowledge of the Dominion Marine technical team ensures that the Mini-ISM system continues to operate effectively and develop according to relevant legislative changes. Furthermore, when required, the team can carry out non-compulsory bi-annual on board audits, which is fully incorporated in their all-inclusive fee.

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