Double US debut for Vicem in Fort Lauderdale

Vicem sends word that that will have two superyachts on display at this year's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The first is the 32.5 metre Vicem 107 Moni. The 107 Cruiser bears the three hallmarks of every Vicem yacht: a classic timeless design, unmatched craftsmanship with a commitment to total customization, and the cold-molded method of construction.

This superyacht combines rich tradition with modern-day technique and contemporary style. All this results in a vessel that exudes personality and class, while remaining pleasantly compact. The vesselโ€™s designers have been able develop a confident superyacht with ample amounts of comfort, style and luxury, with all onboard areas having a distinct sense of space and light.

The second yacht is the 46 metre Vulcan. Smooth, curved lines are combined with a strong silhouette and a bold colours, showing off a traditional navy blue hull and a contemporary silver superstructure. With sportiveness comes speed and the necessity for a strong, sleek and lightweight design. This resulted in the choice to take on an acclaimed naval architect with a knack for designing speedy superyachts, Frank Mulder, who designed a cored fibreglass construction for Vulcan.



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