Dragonfly Marine (Agrimond) wins award for “Excellence in Innovation”

Dragonfly Marine (Agrimond) has won an award for “Excellence in Innovation” at this year's International Superyacht Society awards gala. The Dragonfly Marine System processes 100% of all wastewater into re-usable quality water that exceeds Florida Water Re-use Standards as well as present and future standards set by MARPOL/IMO, Classification Societies, USCG, MEPC, etc. There is never a requirement to discharge or remove (pump or dump) any type of sludge from a Dragonfly Marine System.

Le Grand Blue was the first major superyacht to install a truly green wastewater system. The Dragonfly Marine System aboard Le Grand Bleu is straight out of the Space Program. The system is built with 100% redundancy as well as the automatic logging capability that will send reports to the Manufacturer (Optional), the Engineering Department, Captain, Ship's Office, or any designated person on a pre-determined schedule. Additionally, any alarms can be emailed to designated individuals as well as the Manufacturer.

Troubleshooting can also be performed remotely by the Manufacturer (optional) from anywhere in the world. Basically, the Manufacturer can operate all the same valves, pumps, etc as the Engineers from halfway around the world.

Contact Penumbra Marine Logistics at 954-791-9992 or visit www.dragonflymarine.com



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