Drettmann Yachts unveils new superyacht series

Drettmann Yachts has unveiled two new superyacht concepts, Motor Yachts (DMY) and Explorers (DEY). The DMY line consists of 4 models, the DMY20, DMY27, DMY32 and the largest the DMY37, with all the digits referring to the length of the model. The Explorer range consists of the DEY27, DEY32, DEY37, DEY45.

Organic shapes give the yachts an artistic, almost sculptural appearance. Intelligent layouts for both lines means the interior is astonishingly roomy.

Combined with an interior design that is geared to clarity, finely tuned colour schemes and purism, the new lines provide a completely new yachting experience, with the feeling of being on a far larger yacht.

β€žFor most of our customers, owning a yacht is a dream. Right from the start, we accordingly regard it as our task to make that dream come true in every single facet, no matter what size, what style, what details are involved. Our corporate reorganization with new designs, new partners and new locations has raised our potential to new dimensions. We are now in a position to create an exclusive and unique product to match highly diverse customer requests,β€œ comments Claudia Drettmann, senior excutive and interior designer of the Drettmann Yachts GmbH.

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By Maarten Janssen



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