Drum Cussac and Yacht Lifeline form strategic alliance

Drum Cussac and Yacht Lifeline have formed a strategic alliance to provide a combined 24/7 medical and security support-package to the global superyacht community. When an onboard emergency takes place, the last thing you want is to contact a list of people to assist with the incident. With this in mind, this new partnership will provide the superyacht industry with unrivalled 24/7 medical and security support, wherever it is needed in the world.

Drum Cussac, the world leader in maritime risk services and emergency response consultancy, provide Specialist Maritime Information Services, training, Armed and Unarmed Vessel Protection, technical security consultancy, 24/7 Emergency Response and Competent Authority services.

Yacht Lifeline, the leading medical services provider to the superyacht industry, supplies MCA compliant medical kits, global 24/7 medical assistance, tempus telemedicine, advanced STCW 95 medical training, medical crew recruitment and medical crew placement.

Paul Evans, Drum Cussac’s ITR Divisional Manager, comments: “Our strategic alliance is a step in Drum Cussac expanding its security solutions to the superyacht industry. Unlike many of our competitors, together we can offer a holistic package, backed up by a wealth of support services and a focused 24/7 operational response capability. We continue to pride ourselves on going that extra mile for our clients.”

Tony Nicholson, Yacht Lifeline’s Managing & Founding Director, added: “Our new alliance with Drum Cussac will allow us to offer additional 24/7 medical and security services under the Yacht Lifeline umbrella. This will include huge resources to deal with vessel protection, fire, collision, spills, Designated Person Ashore (DPA) Alert and the benefits of a recognised Competent Authority provider.”

Drum Cussac
Kristiane Clear
+44 (0) 1202 802 062
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Yacht Lifeline
Tony Nicholson
+34 (0) 663 832 332
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