Dual Antenna Switch, developed by Acutec Systems, Australia.

VSAT antenna requires an uninterrupted 'view' of the satellite, known as line-of-sight. If any piece of superstructure, rigging or another antenna enters the line-of-sight as the ship turns, communications can be impaired or interrupted.

The Acutec Dual Antenna Switch (DAS) allows a second antenna to be installed to cover any blind-spots of the first. Together, the two VSAT antennas with the DAS provide full-sky coverage. This facilitates uninterrupted connectivity on vessels where line-of-sight cannot be guaranteed with a single VSAT antenna.

Unlike other switches, the DAS examines modem signal-strength when determining the best antenna to select.

A unique algorithm examines inputs from the Sea Tel antenna controller and from the connected satellite modems. All radio communications are automatically routed through the un-blocked and best-performing antenna.

Switching happens instantaneously, so that users are unaware of the changeover.

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