Quick Q&A: Behind closed doors at Dunya Yachts

Written by Laura Nicholls

For over 35 years the waterfront site of the Dunya Yachts shipyard has given life to a wealth of impressive superyachts thanks to their new-build and refit abilities. As they continue to ramp up business, build and host more yachts up to 100-metres, Sales & Marketing Director, Jeremy Frank Roche, takes the time to speak with SYT about what Dunya is really capable of, and what we can look forward to seeing come out of their sheds year. Dunya Yachts shipyardSo, since the launch of Axioma, what has Dunya Yachts been busy with, and what is the yard capable of when it comes to a refit? 
In the last five years, the yard has been busy with refit work. We are better suited to larger projects such as extensions and conversions although we have also done a good number of five-year surveys as well as lots of paintwork. We have had a lot of yachts between 40 and 60-metres, although we have the capacity to go accommodate bigger.  

At the moment we have four yachts at the yard: we are finishing a two year complete restoration to a classic 1930’s 36.2-metre yacht called Cacouna (previously Dear B), a large conversion to a 50m yacht due for completion next year, finishing a six month refit to a PJ170 and works to a Pershing 115. With Cacouna leaving us later this spring, we have space during the late summer and are actively looking for new projects.

In terms of facilities, we have four main sheds the smallest is 40-metres the biggest is 110-metres. We also have the only covered, climate controlled dry dock for yachts up to 60-metres in Turkey. We offer everything you would expect from a fully functioning new build and refit facility, including project management, engineering, fabrication (in steel, aluminium and GRP), electrical, joinery and painting. One of the advantages of our location is the proximity to a host of subcontractors that cater to everything. Despite communication having stopped, the yard definitely hasn’t!  Axioma yacht in San RemoPhoto: Merijn de Waard / SuperYacht TimesSome shipyards have entered into the 50m+ semi-custom new-build market, does Dunya have any plans to follow suit?
Our current thinking is more in the 40-50-metre range, sub 500GT. However, with Axioma being 72.5-metres and since we have a partially completed 80-metre hull in construction which we will be promoting for sale from the spring, we have always got our eye on the 60-80-metre range as it is an interesting market segment. A couple of the other shipyards in Turkey have been successful in this area with recent launches in the last couple of years. This is great news for all of the shipyards here in Turkey as it helps to raise the awareness of the fabulous capabilities and skills of the local craftsmen to the outside world. 

There are huge opportunities for buyers to get top quality yachts at a good value compared to our European competitors, so long may it continue!Refit worker at Dunya Yachts What can we look forward to seeing with the refit of Cacouna (previously Dear B), due to be completed this spring? Is there more to her story?
It is a fabulous story of a beautiful yacht. She is the highest pedigree of her time and is now being brought back to life by a passionate owner. We are very proud of the work we have done on this project, she is a fantastic reflection of what the shipyard is capable of.Dear B at Dunya YachtsPhoto: Merijn de Waard / SuperYacht TimesCan we expect any future collaborations with new designers for new concepts?
Definitely, once we reveal more about the upcoming semi-custom range.Aura in refit at Dunya YachtsWhat are Dunya’s opinions on the explorer yacht trend? 
The explorer trend has been a topic of discussion for quite a few years. I think there are two parts to this: yachts that look like explorers but ultimately are only really suitable for standard cruising. Then there are the real explorer yachts, conceived, designed and built to explore the remotest areas. These have the capacity to carry helicopters, extensive toys and ribs, sufficient food for extended periods, built to access areas in extreme conditions. I think a true explorer yacht offers the freedom to do whatever you want in remote areas but at the same time is comfortable among the yachts at anchor in the bay of St Tropez. 

Ultimately the trend is driven by what the buyer of today is looking for and how they use their yachts. It might sound like a cliché but the world is definitely smaller now, people are looking for new experiences. There are lots of benefits from an explorer which appeal, such as awareness of the environment, the unspoilt beauty of some of the remotest places, the ability to share quality time with friends and family without interruptions. However, we should remember that explorers are still a relatively small segment although I believe this will continue to grow. 



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