Dutch prime minister honors Amels with visit

Amels are pleased to announce that the Netherlands’ Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, recently paid an exclusive visit to the shipyard to witness results of his national program to encourage young citizens to seek employment in technology-related industries.

The youthful 52-year-old prime minister, in office since July 2002, is well aware of the importance to the nation’s future economic leadership of filling jobs in technology, particularly in “high-end” sectors such as yacht building. He has led a personal program to demonstrate the advantages of careers in the technical trades and professions. Many companies have joined the initiative by supporting their regional technical schools and taking in student trainees.

Amels has been a leader in the program, cooperating with the Regional Education Center and local Zeeland colleges. Because of its yacht building specialty, Amels has also worked closely with the world-famous Technical University of Delft, where many of the industry’s professionals have earned undergraduate and advanced degrees. Amels also provides part-time, on-site training for a number of top students, in parallel with their academic studies. Those with great promise are eligible for full-time jobs, which provide Amels with the next generation of naval architects, engineers, designers, and craftsmen.

The prime minister took a tour of Vlissingen facilities, where three Limited Editions Amels 171s and two Amels 212s were under construction. He visited with participants in the “learning-and-working” program, including a part-time trainee studying at a local technical school and a former trainee who has completed studies and is now employed by Amels. The prime minister also enjoyed a demonstration of the yacht-design software Nupas-Cadmatic by a student trainee who had placed fifth in an international Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD) competition.

Amels' several hundred employees considered the prime minister’s visit an honor to all their efforts.



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