Eco awareness at Danish Yacht

Danish Yacht is pleased to reaffirm their commitment to the environment and their Eco Company Policy. They have accreditation for ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 in accordance with the stringent regulations demanded by the ISO standards for quality and the environment.

All new builds at the yard in Skagen are put through detailed research and testing to ensure that the finished product will be to optimum weights and standards, providing more fuel efficient superyachts. Danish Yacht is also committed to use less energy in their more efficient build programmes which are implemented and customised within each project, reducing their carbon footprint effectively.

To provide the minimum negative impact on the environment, the team at Danish Yacht ensure wherever and whenever possible they use environmentally sound, recyclable and biodegradable products. The superyacht yard uses wind power for electricity and all build areas are insulated efficiently to reduce heat loss.

Further confirming their commitment to energy saving, Jonathan McDonnell from Danish Yacht commented, “We have just built a 1/2 scale prototype of a wave generator to produce electricity from wave power. This is totally in line with our Eco Company Policy and we are delighted to be working with Wave Star Energy on this important project.”



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