ECOsuperyacht and Cerion Energy join forces in Monaco to exhibit GO2

ECOsuperyacht and Cerion Energy will be joining forces to exhibit Cerion Energy’s GO2 (pronounced “Go Two”) Diesel Fuel Optimizer at Monaco Yacht Show this year. GO2 is a cutting edge nanoparticle-based diesel fuel combustion catalyst that provides a step change in fuel efficiency and emissions outputs for all types, sizes and ages of marine diesel engine.

GO2 enables owners to dramatically reduce the impact of their yacht’s engines on the environment, whilst enjoying significant financial savings from increased fuel economy and improved enjoyment due to reduced soot and exhaust smells. The results achieved from using GO2 during recent independently verified sea trials onboard the motoryacht Apogee speak for themselves – an average reduction in fuel consumption of 10.9%, with a reduction in unburned fuel of 45% and significant reductions in soot (carbon particulate matter) CO2, CO and NOx.

A team from both Cerion Energy (the manufacturers of GO2) and ECOsuperyacht European distributors of GO2) will be on hand during the show to answer your questions and to explain how GO2 can help your yacht. They will also have an interactive display at the stand to explain how GO2 works, to illustrate the benefits of using GO2 and to explain supply and pricing arrangements.

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