Edmiston, Eurocopter and Andrew Winch Designs unveil stunning new design

A year after winning the competition to design the ultimate Super Yacht Range Rover, Andrew Winch Designs (AWD) - a specialist in yacht design - has now taken up yet another challenge to come up with a dream helicopter concept especially for yachts.

The AWD Design, which is based on the Eurocopter EC155 B1 Dauphin, a medium twin-engine helicopter and deemed to complement the AWD Range Rover, will set a new bench mark in helicopter styling. Sporting several external designs inspired by the contours of ocean waves, the AWD designed EC155 B1 features an interior of teak floorings, leather wrap-around adjustable seats fitted with carbon fibre back shells, fold-down central armrests, ‘floating’ LCD screens, headphones etc.

Mr. Andrew Winch, Design Director from AWD declares at this occasion, “The key idea behind my concept is comfort, endless comfort, be it on land with the Range Rover, at sea with the yacht and in the air with a helicopter.” Mr. Jamie Edmiston, Director from Edmiston adds, “Having worked in partnership with Eurocopter for the last 6 years, its great to be involved with such an innovative and exciting development of the relationship with both Eurocopter and Andrew Winch. The EC155 is the perfect addition to any yacht!”

Mr. Dominique Orbec, Vice-President Market Development from Eurocopter states, “We are extremely honoured to have the EC155 B1 Dauphin selected as the basis of the dream helicopter for yachts. 6 years after entering this market, this choice proves that our helicopters are indeed perfect complements to yachts, giving its owners an alternative to boat tenders. Although we have worked with Edmiston for the last six years, this is the first time we have embarked on a design led project; it’s great to work with Andrew Winch on this. We are confident in the commercial potential of this ‘dream’ helicopter design and we are certain that it will be the beginning of a fruitful relationship among the 3 entities, each one being an industrial leader in its own right.”

Known as the Vertical Take-Off Tender, the helicopter is often seen sitting on the decks of the world’s finest yachts. A helicopter allows yacht owners to fly to and fro from shore for professional and pleasure trips, saving considerable time and effort. It is without doubt that the helicopter is an efficient business tool and an ultimate yacht tender perfect for work and play, bringing an added touch of security to all yacht owners.

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