Edmiston Yacht Management

“Management with a difference!” is how Jacqueline Lyne, who heads up the new Edmiston Yacht Management company, describes the service being offered by her team.

Edmiston Yacht Management put their owner’s and Captains first. Their emphasis is very much on service and support thereby relieving the workload and pressure on busy Captains and their crew. Their SMS is tailored to the particular demands of the yachting Industry making it easier for Masters to implement and to achieve ISM Compliancy. Many competitors tend to enforce merchant navy ‘ship’ procedures that are not appealing or appropriate to the modern superyacht captain. Lyne adds “No job is too small, or too big. All our accounting is totally open book, any commissions received being paid back to the yacht’s account without delay”.

Lyne, who has 25 years experience in yachting, including working aboard yachts, designing & equipping galleys, running her own project management company and even supervising a new build at Feadship in 2006, is dedicated to making Edmiston Yacht Management the best in the business. She has the full backing and support of Edmiston & Company (that has already demonstrated its ability to overtake complacent older firms through its dynamism and by ‘doing things differently’ over the past decade…).

Edmiston Yacht Management carried out extensive consultation with captains, crew and owners using other management companies, prior to launching the new division. Their research revealed a number of shortcomings (which the Edmiston team has addressed) thereby making the transition to Edmiston Yacht Management attractive to competent captains who already know how to run their yachts…

Edmiston Yacht Management has been created due to demand from clients who trust the brand and enjoy the 24/7 global network. Lyne’s core team, including an ex Lloyd’s surveyor, a 3000GT Master and the ex Purser of the 72m Feadship Utopia, is expanding in anticipation of the company’s rapid acceptance in the marketplace, each new member providing skills and expertise that add value to every yacht being managed.

New construction supervision forms a substantial proportion of the company’s workload, a new 78m Feadship being one of a number of top quality builds that Edmiston Yacht Management is already involved with. The Edmiston worldwide network of brokers provide a valuable source of market intelligence as they interact daily with designers, captains, crew, builders and financial and legal experts, as well as owners who they have already managed new build and refit projects for, including boats in excess of 100m. “We are not naval architects or designers though and believe it is better to outsource those activities to the experts, even though we understand the principles involved.” says Lyne.

In the immediate future the emphasis is on providing unrivalled proactive management services to each yacht, achieving owners’ objectives as if each were a business in itself, whether that be to maximize charter revenues or to prepare the boat for a two-year family cruise to remote regions, assessing risks and allowing the owner to enjoy his asset.



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