Egg and Dart Design unveils the Commander 68

The Commander 68 is yet another of the exciting range of unique new build projects developed through the co-operation of Clive Cox and Egg and Dart Design Corporation. The Design Range comprises 11 different models now, from 34 meter up o 86 meters.

Egg and Dart created the entire design and concept for this extravagant 68 meter steel & aluminium giant with his self-explanatory name “Commander 68”.

Form follows function, is the base for an extraordinary exterior design with straight lines and shapes for this seagoing, luxury yacht, ready for exploring cold and warm waters and long distances.

A spacious layout and special features like a terrace on the sea and private guest balconies are combined with the highest technical and safety standard, guaranteeing the owners perfect accommodation for them and their guests.

As a custom build concept “Commander 68” offers a lot of volume and opportunities for individual wishes and eclectic features. The interior-layout strictly divides the service and crew area from the private owner- and guest-section.

An elevator runs straight up through all decks, from the wine-cellar in the 2nd lower deck to the helideck. Another exciting feature is a generous “Art Lobby” with main-staircase on the main deck. Further features include a ladies lounge, casino, and a cigar lounge.

Enough space is dedicated to the 16 crew members, with proper bathrooms and storage possibilities. The “Commander 68” with his unconventional and vanguard design is definitely a novelty in the mega yacht scene.

Egg and Dart Design Corporation GmbH & Co. KG
Mr. Georg Decker
+49 89 767 365 0
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