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Enhance each superyacht journey virtually with YachtEye 4.0

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Vivian Hendriksz

Imagine you are on board your superyacht, cruising through the Arctic Ocean when suddenly you realise you forgot to check the weather conditions and itinerary for your upcoming destination, Norway. Rather than having to ask a crew member or management firm to look it up for you, you are easily able to look up this vital information yourself, from the comfort of your own seat, thanks to YachtEye, the unique visual entertainment solution for owners and guests onboard of superyachts. YachtEye 4.0 and CrestronPhoto: Oculus Technologies Developed by Oculus Technologies, YachtEye is the leading time efficiency tool launched by the Amsterdam-based company. The system intuitively shares valuable insights concerning the journey, the stay on board and the surroundings with all users. Consisting of different modules, Oculus Technologies aims to bring together astute information and insights relevant to superyacht owners and guests in a visually impressive and fun way on board as well as onshore through YachtEye. The system is a powerful real-time tool which keeps guests up to date with their itinerary, menus, places of interest and vessel movements. YachtEye 4.0Photo: Oculus TechnologiesFor example, the built-in itinerary module ensures that the crew and management companies are able to offer the owner and guests insightful information concerning their journey in an innovative and visual way, one which is a far cry from the usual paper bound itineraries which can be a hassle to put together. The system, which is accessible through any tv via a dedicated channel or tablet, is easy and simple to use, as well as visually pleasing ensuring user efficiency throughout their entire superyacht journey. YachtEye 4.0Photo: Oculus TechnologiesFollowing the ongoing success of YachtEye, Oculus Technologies introduced YachtEye 4.0 at the Monaco Yacht Show this season. The updated version includes an improvement on current features, as well as new features and modules. For example, Highlights offers owners, guests and crew members direct access to insightful information on what they can do once they step foot on shore. Explore offers them more in-depth information about what is going on inside the yacht and includes stunning 3D visuals of the engine room and the integration of 360 views of the interior. Safety provides the owners and guests to explore the safety plan and video, anywhere anytime.YachtEye 4.0Photo: Oculus TechnologiesIn addition to the launch of YachtEye 4.0, Oculus Technologies is hard at work on new and innovative solutions to further enhance the onboard experience of owners, guests and crew. Oculus Technologies recently partnered with Crestron Electronics for the integration of YachtEye within Crestron’s new line of remotes, the HR-310 and the TSR-310 making the system more accessible. YachtEye is able to integrate flawlessly with Creston’s products, offering users a new way of interfacing with the system through the remote control. Crestron remotePhoto: CrestronUsers can use the Crestron remote to control YachtEye and display information, insights, visuals and more on the built-in screens on board. “We are excited for the integration of YachtEye within Crestron as the possibilities are endless,” says Joris Saat, Director of Projects at Crestron. “Our talented development team can build anything you can imagine, we already have lots of ideas in the making. Our motto is: give us a challenge and we will come with a solution.” YachtEye 4.0Photo: Oculus TechnologiesSince its establishment in 2009, Oculus Technologies has rapidly developed recognition within the superyacht industry for its innovative guest infotainment systems. Renowned for their expertise in software & design, Oculus Technologies boasts a fast-growing product portfolio and dynamic team focused on innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technology.
Crestron Electronics has paved the way for technological innovation since 1971 by developing automation solutions that transform the way people live on board. The company strives to make day-to-day tasks easier and improve efficiency and productivity for its users by offering better solutions for the needs of their customers. 

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