Enhancing the quality of power onboard yachts

The quality of the power available onboard yachts has never been more important. Thanks to the modern rectifier technology used in motor drives, UPS systems, battery charging stations, light dimmers and computers, a significant improvement in comfort levels has been attained. At the same time, however, these modern technologies have an impact on harmonic distortion in the electrical distribution circuits onboard. Tackling this issue requires a specialist approach.

β€œAny increase in harmonic distortion will have an influence on sensitive equipment,” explains Henk Brouwer, managing director of Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology in the Netherlands. β€œBy increasing comfort levels you run the risk of reducing the reliability of the electrical circuits. To ensure an energy efficient and reliable electrical circuit, we use an Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) to improve and stabilise the power quality on board.”

By using an AHF, the harmonic distortion created by all the different loads on board is compensated. This filters the harmonics, ensuring a consistent and stable electrical system. And in addition to enhancing reliability, losses due to harmonics are reduced to a minimum.

By enabling the load balancing function, the three phases of the generators onboard are continuously equally loaded. In combination with the power factor improvement, this results in an optimal use of the generator capacity and lower fuel consumption.

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology advises all clients to install an Active Harmonic Filter as standard onboard yachts. The company is currently fitting systems on several projects worldwide. These include the 49-metre MY Nassima and the 47-metre Lady Dee, both under construction at Acico yachts in the Netherlands.

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